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Zach Thomson is an award-winning Director and Producer, also known for his work on AVATAR (2009), Finite Water (2019), and Dumb and Dummer (1994).

Zach Thomson has directed and produced many productions. His career in film started with films such as “Independence Day,” and “Touched by an Angel,” until more recently working alongside James Cameron on the film “Avatar” and the WETA Workshop team in New Zealand. 

Mr. Thomson has a deep understanding of the film industry from initial development, finance, production, and on through to post-production, marketing, distribution, and merchandising. Mr. Thomson worked in Market and Distribution for 20th Century Fox and has since structured distribution deals throughout North and South America, Europe, and China. 


He has successfully helped many startups become thriving businesses. 


Help found Autism Training Solutions and produced all of the training videos. 


Co-Founder and CEO of Physeo

The online Medical Training video company for the United States Medical Licensing Exam, Comlex, Step 1 and Step 2. 


The recipient of The Educator Award of the Education 2.0 for the year 2022


He travels the world to build bridges of understanding with all cultures and people.


Advisory Committee Member of the Vegas Movie Awards 


Council on The World United 

Speaker at The World Parliament on Spirituality 


Lecturer and workshop at the Global Transformation Festival 


Has given the commencement speech at The Skin Institute International.


Has given lectures at BYU Hawaii, University of Hawaii, and Hawaii Pacific University. 


Been a guest on many podcast 


Sits on the Board of Director of Promethean Spark Non-profit organization. Helping children in India, Morocco, Egypt learn life skills. 


He is the President of The Supernatural University.  


Award-winning children's book author 


Father of 4 beautiful children and loves spending time with them. 


Served a mission in Argentina for the Church of Jesus Christ.


Iron Don Triathlon Winner 1998


An Eagle Scout


  • imdb
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